Sotavento Guaymí Indian Tour

Guided horseback tour to Coco Loco from December 15 through September 15.  Spend the first night at Sotavento.  Breakfast the next morning at Sotavento and depart in the morning.  If it's low tide, you'll take the beach, and if it's high tide, you'll take the mountains.  Have lunch and dinner at Coco Loco.  All natural foods.  Jungle wood-stove pizza by an Italian cook, who built the oven.  Tour the Guaymí Indian reservation as part of the package.  Medicinal clay mud bath is $10.00/person extra.  Spend the second night at Coco Loco.  Eat breakfast there and return to Sotavento during the day, where you will spend the third night.  
$150 per person
2 person minimum